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Welcome to weitz_bd, your first and only Livejournal community to support Chris Weitz as Director of Stephenie Meyer's Breaking Dawn, the fourth book of her epic series The Twilight Saga. We bring up-to-date information on the director and his path from directing The Twilight Saga: New Moon and beyond.

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01: All posts must be related to Chris Weitz. We don't accept drifting articles featuring only his cast, or crew, but we do accept posts containing interviews or mentions of Chris Weitz.
02: No bashing Chris or other members. Any action caught by a moderator or user will immediately lead to being removed from the community. If the foul behavior continues, it will lead to a permanent ban from the community.
03. Respect opinions, thoughts, and decisions of others. This community is free to any opinion ( that is calmly kept in line - read Rule #02 ), which means we also respect it. Everyone is free to have an opinion, and no one will restrict that.
04. Tag your posts using the existing tags! To find information in the future, we tag each post. If a tag is forgotten, you will be reminded by a mod to please tag your post. Sometimes we'll help you out, but be sure to do things yourself before pressing "Submit".
05. We do accept graphics. Despite the fact this community revolves around one person instead of a specific fandom, we do accept graphics. However, your graphics must relate to either Chris Weitz himself or one of his own productions ( fandoms like New Moon, The Golden Compass, and American Pie is allowed ). None others will be accepted.
06. If you are going to post an image larger than 500 px please put them under an lj-cut. This includes if you are going to post from the community instead of your own journal. A standard preview for graphics or images would be one image ( three for graphics ), and then an lj-cut. Don't know how to make one? Read here.
07. Be sure to mark your post if it contains mature content. Just to be safe, please make sure to clearly note that it contains mature content. And please lead it to your personal journal instead of the community's. Thank you
08. Do not advertise. This means linking to a site that sells a legal or illegal product somewhere in the world. We do not want to be affiliated with something no one knows nothing about.
09. Do not decorate your posts. This means keeping your post with the standard sizes and colors. Bold, underline, and italics are allowed.
10. Do not hotlink! Please upload your own images to Photobucket or Tinypic.
11. When posting fanfiction, please use this correct template:

12: We do accept affiliates. At times you can post or affiliate with us via our journal, but please post an appropriate link to your profile.
13: All posts are moderated before accepted. We will scan over your post to be sure that it correctly meets our standards ( which aren't much ), and we'll quickly accept you. But this also means any mod has the power to reject you for any reason necessary. Also, if you are rejected, please do not re-try to post again. It was be automatically denied.

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