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!modpost: moderator application

with The Twilight Saga: New Moon now released and in theatres,
reviews and any other sorts of news will be gushing in like a
waterfall. In order to maintain the community I will need at least
THREE NEW MODS, since we lost one of them not too long ago.

So we need YOU to apply!

Also: NO news will be posted until our new mods are
ready-to-go and have been found. Thank you.


You will have time to support the community. This means that you can try and resurface from life and school to support the community. This means to go around and post news and moderate the community. This community is a handful and I can't do it by myself; so this means some help needs to step in. If you are going to become a mod you need to have the time to do it.

Do not apply if you are having trouble with your real life - we know that real life can be such a hassle but handling Twilight-related news and anything dealing with a celebrity is just as difficult.

You need to be on the internet on an active basis. It's self-explanatory; there's no need to stalk, but if you are not online for a period of time I'll / we'll grow concerned, and if the hiatus is long enough, your role as a mod could be stripped. We need you around so you know what's going on and you are up-to-date.

That is basically all I ask; not much, is it? I hope not, I'm still a bit new to the whole "being-a-moderator" thing.

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